Short Term Study Visa

Who can apply for a Short-term Study visa?

If you are coming to study a course at the university for less than six months you can apply for a Short-term Study visa.

This visa is cheaper than the Tier 4 Student visa, but comes with the following disadvantages:

  *   You are unable to change your visa category (for extensions etc) from within the UK.  If you want to study a different course, you must return home and apply for a Tier 4 Student visa before you can continue with your study.
  *   You are not permitted to bring dependants to the UK on a Short-term study Visitor visa.

  *   This visa is not permitted for courses that are longer than six months.

How to apply for a Short-term Study visa

You should apply using the online application form.

Once you are on the Visa4UK website select 'Apply for a UK visa now'. After you have answered the security questions, you will be asked to 'select visa type'. When asked the 'reason for your visit' you should select 'visit'. When asked for the 'visa type', please select 'special visitor' and for 'visa sub type' please select 'student visitor, up to 6 months'.

The cost of applying for a Short-term Study visa (for six months) is currently £89 (costs may change).

Documents that you should provide in support of your application include: University letter confirming course of study and including the Tier 4 sponsor license number, bank statements and accommodation letter.

Please note, if you are applying for a Short-term Study visa to come to the UK for up to six months and you are classed as a 'non-visa national' you can apply at the airport/port of entry when you arrive in the UK. 'Non-visa nationals' are residents of certain countries who would normally require a visa to enter the UK, but for stays of 6 months or less may apply directly at the airport (or other port of entry) on arrival; the visa will be stamped directly into your passport. Check the Home Office website if you are not sure if you must apply in advance for a Short-term Study visa.

Even if you are a 'non-visa national', we would recommend that you apply for the Short-term Study visa before leaving home to avoid any problems on arrival in the UK. However, if you choose to not to apply for the visa in advance, you must ensure you are carrying the correct documentation.